Roma to the Americans

A Inner Circle Sports e Rothschild, are the intermediaries who are analyzing the necessary documents to purchase AS Roma for a still aspiring but yet anonymous American buyer. He is a magnate. Rothschild is one of the investment banks and one of the most important banks in the world, and they were contacted a week ago; the Inner Circle Sports llc is a US intermediary banking firm , from New York, one of the most important of the sector as a merchant bank they have assisted other billionaires Tom Hicks & George Gillett, in excess of the 240 million sterling for Liverpool. Rothschild – according to what Catia Augelli & Antonio Satta wrote yesterday in the Milano Finanza News– not only are they examining the balances of Roma and that of ItalPetroli, but they are also evaluating the possible implications of an operation that can not be that of only financing. Despite the denials coming by the Trigoria’s club, the offer is on the table for the purchase of the AS Roma by the American. The US businessman also plans to build a new stadium for Roma, its a project that the sames advisers have convincingly defined it as a public opinion of a soccer crazy culture.

The formal offer should go to the Sensi family at the end of the current season , and should be around 250 million euro. The decisive decision remains in the hands of the Sensi’s who have had the team in their hands for the last 15 years and to take care of their debts from the parent company the ItalPetroli, the controlling investor of As Roma, have had to until now sell other assets (the Cicerone hotel, the estate of Leprignana, the Corriere Adriatico, the share participation of the airport of Rome) but not the most dear to the owner the soccer club: Silvio Sensi, Rosella’s grandfather, was one of the founders of the club. In spite the divestment of the assets ItalPetroli still has a debt of 367 million Euros with a group of banks whose leader is Banca di Roma now controlled by UniCredit. UniCredit however, even though they have said they do not want anything in excess of 2% of ItalPetroli capital (of which have gone up to 49% already in their possession which will consent them to obtain the majority of the holdings) they have not yet ready given the formal announcement to the call. Yesterday in the the ex Roma mayor Walter Veltroni had said: foreign capital for our soccer clubs? Absolutely, if their are valid offers there is nothing wrong with it, as long as there are people we can trust and not adventures. Anyway, on Roma I haven’t herd of any information.The Sensi’s have done exceptional things for that club, and always with a lot of passion’.


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